Whether before the Court of Québec, the Superior Court, the Court of Appeal or even the Supreme Court of Canada or any administrative body (CSST, SAAQ, TAQ, liquor board, etc.), the lawyers at St-Pierre Maillette will provide you with appropriate representation and will assert your rights in an efficient and effective manner.


Me Hélène Maillette is an accredited mediator in family, civil and commercial law. She helps clients avoid considerable costs by guiding them towards a negotiated solution.

 Civil Law

From civil or contractual liability to obligations, contracts and more, the St-Pierre Maillette team will accompany you throughout the legal process in order to assert your rights in court or by negotiating an out-of-court agreement.

 Commercial Law

Company law, company, or other contracts, the lawyers of St-Pierre Maillette will advise you properly in commercial matters. Present at every stage of the company's business, St-Pierre Maillette has significant expertise in all areas of a business relationship with its economic and commercial environment, and in the determination of rights and obligations in terms of relationships with business partners, as well as with clients or government agencies.

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